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MSL is representative of high-quality medical, health, and beauty products from globally well-known brands. Today MSL, with administration, marketing, sales, and logistics teams, has a growing market share in targeted regions

MSL is acting as a regional distributor for several international medical, health, well-being, and beauty brands through the network of leading retailers across the country and region. Through our extensive expertise in marketing and sales, brand image protection, social media management, and event management, we deliver high-end brand positioning across the region for our brands. MSL has business to business strategic alliance with a wide range of retailers such as hypermarket chains, pharmacies, clinics, spas & beauty salons, and sub-distributors in the Middle East and GCC countries.

We at MSL, plan for timely execution of exclusive brand awareness and promotional campaigns for a successful launch of every brand that we present. We use great tools of online and offline advertisement and marketing platforms to deliver the message to our customers and consumers.

Our creative and distinctive product-specific marketing concepts serve us best for promoting our vast product portfolio. We help our retailers by building online communities of customers and fans via social media and other online forums inspiring customers to share their feedback, experience, and tips.

At MSL, we believe in training. Our customers always are benefited from our certified training programs, which enables them scientifically to understand the value of the products and prescribe or apply the methods, techniques, and products which ensure the results.

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We use e-commerce to reach to every corner of the territories to deliver our products. We strongly believe in the value of Information Technology and use our partners’ online platform to achieve a high level of online availability and timely delivery.

Zomorod Ecommerce LLC is a leading e-commerce organization purposefully focused on online retailer of the concentrated niche market of health & beauty products and logistics. Zomorod operates in the Sultanate of Oman and currently delivers to its growing online retail market share in Oman, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.


The logistics of managing product flow and stocking multiple retailers across the country is a complicated task. Still, its effectiveness is also crucial to the successful growth of a new product or brand – and so we take our responsibility very seriously. MSL, in partnership with an extensive professional network of logistics companies, has access to a very well-maintained temperature-controlled warehouse, logistics, and fulfillment centers in Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar. This allows MSL to provide a flawless and smooth product movement anywhere in the region to effectively reach our sales points, business partners, and consumers.

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