Our Brands

MSL is representative of high-quality medical, health, and beauty products from globally well-known brands


BE KEEN ON HAIR was born in 2008 and since then has stood for salon- exclusive, high-quality cosmetic hair products “Made in Germany” at a fair price.

The nature and culture of hairdressing forms the basis of their philosophy and their behavior. They make no compromises when it comes to achieving impressive value for money. They offer technical skills and quality in every single product, every single day, in over 25 countries around the world. Their support and passion for beautiful hair are their company’s guarantee.

The employees and business partners live out their passion for BEAUTIFUL HAIR. They are proud that they still research, develop and produce all products in-house. Their unique product line has been developed by a team of highly-enthusiastic German specialists. The underlying technologies let them achieve excellent results.

BEAVER is committed to become the Chinese leading brand in the global hairdressing industry, and is committed to provide professional hair stylist and consumers with a comprehensive hair solution.

Now, beaver products are being sold in more than 50 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa, Venezuela, Mexico, Poland and so on.

BEBEM NATURAL aims to offer the best solutions at affordable prices to mothers looking for the best for their babies. Bebem has been an essential brand for mothers for 20 years. The brand that meets its consumers needs in more than 20 countries today, has become even stronger with the newest Bebem Natural family which derives its power from nature. Mothers who look for the best and most natural of everything use Bebem Natural.


BIO BALANCE, a Turkish brand, explores the synergistic effects of vitamins, herbal extracts, and minerals and uses them only in the right amounts and the right combinations, which are more effective than their natural form.

ALPAYA Dermaceuticals is an R&D company that develops and manufactures natural, safe and clinically approved products to maintain the skin and hair in good health and appearance. What they develop is the best and most effective products for skin and hair, using the most natural formulas with natural and innovative active ingredients. These active ingredients are exclusively available to them as a result of their joint research projects with their business partners in Europe and the U.S.

DORCO, a Korean brand, has been helping shavers Get Closer since 1955. For more than 60 years, they have been advancing shaving technology to develop razors that bring the customers great comfort, control and the smoothest results. They have developed a series of world firsts, including the curved blade, the six-blade razor, and the seven-blade razor.

It’s this level of innovation that has helped them become one of the most recognized shaving companies in the world, with customers in over 130 countries.

EAST LINES MANUFACTURING was established in 2012 and has since become a leading converter of household paper products within the United Arab Emirates and a reputable distributor of paper products throughout the Gulf Region. With a reputation based on superior quality and service, their customers have developed a unique trust and confidence in their range of products.
Their production process utilizes only the finest quality raw materials made from 100% virgin pulp which is then converted with state-of-the-art machinery by their dedicated team of technicians, engineers and quality control specialists. East Lines Manufacturing promises to provide real value by offering the customers superior quality at a fair price.
At East Lines Manufacturing, they strive for excellence that is gauged by total customer satisfaction. They understand that consumers have a choice and they work hard each and every day to be that choice.
Their luxurious Cherry and Marvels ranges offer smooth and touch-free protection for your home or office.
Their Premio range provides a premium product at an affordable price, while offering the softness and comfort you deserve.
Their luxurious Silque range offers the ultra-smooth sensation and feel of silk

EXEL, the Argentine professional skincare laboratory with the largest number of international quality certifications is chosen by global companies among the world for its high state-of-the-art products.

Pioneer in the creation of active components for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, Exel positions at the avant-garde with bio-based formulations combined with cutting-edge technology, Mineral Oil Free Formulations, maximum purity extraction processes.

FAMILIA is Turkey’s most preferred tissue brand. With its wide range, Familia products are used with admiration not only in Turkey but also in more than 60 countries around the world. This is why Familia, which offers rational and innovative choices considering the hygiene of the families and brings its high-quality products to consumers at affordable prices, is among the most popular brands.

FORSCAR New Scar Technology is made with medical grade patented silicones and 5% antioxidant Olive Oil Squalane. Its patented silicone technology flattens, softens and smooths scars by increasing hydration and temperature of stratum corneum.

The clinically proven Silicone Gel technology improves the overall appearance of old and new scars including Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids. Used after surgery or injury, FORSCAR New Scar Technology helps treat and prevent abnormal scar formation.

JAGLER, launched in 1990 in Turkey, is the cult scent of macho men blending the mystery of the East and the contemporary style of the West. Jagler created a success story in the world of men category perfumes and deodorants being the national market leader for two decades. Jagler series now includes Men Care and Hair Care series!

JE’SUI JEUNE is a proudly Canadian brand specialized in naturally formulated non-prescription luxury skin care products. They believe in quality from start to finish, no compromise. Je’Sui Jeune is based on years of experience in skin science and built on the foundation of the well-established Canadian product line of Swiss Clinic (Swiss Clinic in Canada was a sold by Jamieson Laboratories Ltd.)

The knowledge and know how behind the brand along with the latest technology in manufacturing skin care products led them down this path to offer high quality over the counter (OTC) naturally formulated cosmetic products that is effective based on lab studies and human trials. The topical products are packaged in advanced airless packaging to maximize product integrity and potency. All ingredients are sourced only from the top companies in North America and Europe. All products are formulated and manufactured under strict guidelines compliant with ISO 22716, the international standard of manufacturing practices for Cosmetics – Guidelines on Good Manufacturing practices (GMP).

KORU originates from the spiral shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond, which symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace in the Maori culture. The name Koru emphasizes the natural components used in all products and their commitment to innovation and continuous development.

Today, the company, based in South Korea, is deeply committed to providing innovative cosmetological solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy while satisfying the needs of patients and practitioners. In a short time, Koru Pharma has become one of the major players in the Medical Aesthetics market with a global network of distributors and an extensive product portfolio available in more than 80 countries.

LAKMÉ, a Spanish brand, creates the integrated color system. Collage is evolving, but its flagship formula remains intact. Gloss, the ammonia-free, demipermanent, strengthens haircare and exclusively partners with Collage to achieve an integrated Lakmé color system.

Lakmé is an ally to stylists: they provide the stylists with the tools they need to bring out their best. Tools that translate to indisputable quality since efficacy is the key to success and mutual trust.

MARYAJ is a young and trending brand from the house of Ajmal Perfumes – the finest luxury perfume makers in the United Arab Emirates, since 1951.

Born from years of research, Maryaj was created to present high quality lifestyle fragrances with a hint of “a la mode” and a tinge of youthfulness with a twist of unforgettable attraction. Yes, you can expect all of this and more with an array of selection from over 100 fragrances. Maryaj is found in over 35 countries and the number is ever increasing.

“Pour homme et pour femme” from Eau de Toilette to Eau de Parfum, Maryaj offers a distinct expression of notes that compliment your personality and style. From rugged, masculine notes to the pristine, sweet notes of femininity. There’s a Maryaj for everyone.

ME MADEMOISELLE, the premium hair care brand, was found in 2014. It is a modern brand inspired by the urbanity of Berlin which appeals to hairdressers and end users at the same time and produces high-quality products in hairdressing quality that are geared to specific hair problems and can really help to solve them.

All products promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee and give everyone who uses them that daily “fresh from the hairdresser” feeling. At the same time, Me Mademoiselle is the point of contact for all customers with hair problems or application difficulties.

MOLPED, the brand of self-confident, brave, jocular, and freehearted young girls for more than 20 years, has always been their “best friend” in their world. Molped, which meets its consumers in more than 40 countries with its differentiating brand identity and wide product variety, continues its existence in the sanitary pad category with innovations and new achievements. Molped, stands by the girls to encourage them in the journey to success. Every minute 2,100 pieces of Molped meet consumers around the world.

PAPIA broke the stereotypes by introducing the highest quality and most innovative products to its consumers in every geography it has been to, and defied the traditional approach in the tissue market 15 years ago with the motto “Because you deserve better”. This courageous stance brought Papia the leadership of the premium segment.

Papia is Turkey’s first and only toilet paper and paper towel produced with B-side technology, Turkey’s first and only patterned towel, and Turkey’s only toilet paper with a real perfume.


SHE, released in 2006 in Turkey by Hunca Cosmetics, is the fragrance line of extraordinary, innovative, fashion conscious and self-confident young ladies. Colorful striped boxes and modern design of this fragrance line is striking, attractive and stunning.

She series include 11 different fragrances (Fun, Cool, Sexy, Sweet, Love, Pretty, Clubber, Angel, New York, Paris and She is from Istanbul) for young girls who like to express themselves by unique choices. A wide range of gift sets, fruity and floral scented body lotions and shower gels accompany to the wonderful smelling Eau de toilettes and deodorants.

All young ladies are invited to discover the colorful and fresh world of She.

SIR, the roof brand of SEBA Kimya, started its journey by producing cream detergent, liquid dish detergent, bleach and laundry soda products in a production area of 40 sqm in Rami, Istanbul in 1989. SEBA Kimya established its own factory in G.O. Pasa Industry Site in 1995 and positioned the “SIR” brand as a roof brand and expanded its portfolio. In 1997, it started to produce small packaged products under the SIR brand for markets and gave franchises throughout the country. Sir brand products, which were met with great interest and appreciation by their consumers, enabled SEBA Kimya to move to its new factory established in 2005 in Tuzla Chemists Organized Industrial Zone with state-of-the-art equipment. Here, following the latest trends in the world, the SIR brand has gained its global identity and started exporting to the Balkans.

In 2013, SIR was selected as the “One of the most admired and preferred brands by the “All Consumers Protection Association”. SIR Today, is a well-known brand in the FMCG sector in Turkey and more than 40 countries around the world.